Inspiring STEM Consulting



Inspiring STEM Consulting is a small but growing private company and we perform a wide range of client services across academic and scientific publishing. We assist clients in adding value to their enterprise, whether a commercial business, a not-for-profit or governmental organisation. 

Our mission is to serve clients with integrity, competence, objectivity, independence and professionalism, and ensure that our personal behaviours exemplify our values are built on trust, transparency.

As an independent consultancy, we recognise that our status and privileges, result from the respect and trust that the profession as a whole enjoys and therefore, we accept responsibility to employ, protect and develop industry standards to enhance that respect and trust. 

Thereby, we will conduct our working practices by: 

  • only accepting assignments that we are competent to perform and, on a client project, only assign team members who have knowledge and expertise appropriate to that client’s needs;
  • establishing with clients, realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services and together, to define the scope and process of the assignment and the basis of remuneration;
  • ensuring that considerations of personal benefit will not over-ride the focus on the interests of the client or their stakeholders;
  • upholding both the letter and the spirit of laws, regulations and contracts governing its conduct, that of the client in which we both operate; 
  • not permitting considerations of race, gender, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation or social status to influence our professional behaviour or advice; and
  • continually investing in professional development to keep abreast of evolving knowledge within the profession and in our areas of technical expertise.


To maintain impartiality and transparency, we make the following disclosures to avoid potential, or perceived conflicts of interest: 

  • Although confidentiality prohibits the disclosure of the type of project on which we are working with a client, we list all client names on our website. 
  • We will not work concurrently with competitor clients on similar projects, unless we obtain the consent of both parties. 
  • Prior to signing our service agreement, clients are advised with whom we have worked, or continue to work with. 
  • In addition to our standard consultant agreement, and as required, we are happy to sign a client’s non-disclosure agreement. 


Inspiring STEM Consulting Limited is bound by signed agreements which include strict confidentiality, warranties and indemnity clauses, to include:

  • securing and keeping safe any confidential information and intellectual property which we may obtain or create during the course of providing the client services relating to the client’s business or activities and shall not, during the course of this agreement or any time thereafter, disclose such information to any third party;
  • upon ending of an agreement, returning all confidential information, the documents and any other documents, data in whatever form, or drawings with which he may have been supplied by the client and any copies of the same which he may have made during the course of providing the services; and
  • transferring to the client, the ownership of and copyright in the intellectual property, the documents, the works and any reports, or data in any form which we may prepare during the provision of services.